The sun is good or not? The secrets to the perfect tan

The sun is good or not?

But the sun is good for your skin or not? And how much and how can you take it? These are questions to which answers in this exclusive video interview Chantal Sciuto , one of Italy's most famous aesthetic dermatologhe , also to have among its clients many of the big names of the show.
Beware of premature aging of the skin - These are issues of collective interest than ever especially in the summer when many of us , including children , have the skin to sunlight without thinking about the consequences of sunburn and dehydration.
" If you do not take some important precautions you may experience premature skin aging but also to more serious problems ," says Dr. Sciuto who rattles off some of his advice : " Everyone always recommend that you take some supplements of vitamin E before exposure to the sun.
And then the protection . Must be high, even when you are already tanned .
For hair, then you have to make a speech in September in part because otherwise there is too much damage to try to remedy that . "

Demake -up, how to clean your face without touching it with the hands

how to clean your face

Cleanse your face is crucial in a beauty routine that respects. But the most logical , or our hands , it is not necessarily the most effective for a thorough cleaning.
In fact , the hands and fingertips touching thousands of daily objects and surfaces coming in contact with millions of germs. If you wash your hands before you wash your face should be logical and predictable, the risk of passing the germs to the delicate surface of the face and eyes is still high.
In addition, the manual cleaning alone is not able to go deep in the long run the pores may remain occluded despite the validity of the detergent that we use , and the skin may be less receptive to moisturizing products .
To overcome the problem , we can employ in our nightly routine accessories. They are a little ' everywhere, from cosmetics departments of supermarkets to health food stores , pharmacies perfumeries . One trick: avoid limestone hand and use them aggressively , because the intention is to liberate the pores , does not cause us microdermabrasion .
Among the first we can use there are of course sponges , such as floppy cleaning and smoothing proposed by the Body Shop . Then microfiber cloths and gloves , ideal for thorough cleaning and gentle together . Gloves, being shaped , they also have a greater ease of use , ranging from glove action cleanser fast Clinians or microfiber cloths line Longe Physio Soft Longema .
The system is always the same : wet tissue , pour a little ' cleaning product on it and then massage the face until no more dirt to rinse it all away.
For a more thorough scrub brushes for the face are ideal for the remake -ups and to remove the masks , used with the detergent enhance foaming agents : remove makeup, activate micro-circulation and exfoliate . The most common are those manuals: the advice is to take those with softer bristles . For a high-end product , Massage brush Shiseido .
If you want to play professionally , Clarisonic offers mine2 , an electric brush that massages and deep cleans your face leaving the skin soft . Effective and gentle thanks to the 300 microgiri the second of his brush , can be used even on sensitive skin.
Whatever the means chosen at the end of the routine it is important to be careful to wash with soap and then put out to dry, to keep it clean and ready for the next use.

From cold to hot exotic alpine : protect your skin in winter

 protect your skin in winter

After the Christmas binge the first major concern , especially for women , is to get in shape , looking frantically with diet and intensive training to dispose of the pounds accumulated. The skin, however , he needs to get back into shape to recover from the excesses of culinary and beyond.
" Who decided to take rest days in the mountains, on the slopes , it is exposed to a very cold and dry climate that causes skin dehydration due to self-regulatory organization which , to defend themselves , changing the moisture content of the stratum corneum in relation to the environmental humidity . however , to prevent and curb the problem is simply a proper hydration of the skin , with moisturizers and emollients , " says Professor Gabriella Fabbrocini , Professor of Dermatology and Venereology at the University of Naples Frederick II and the national president of the Women Dermatologhe Italian .
In the case of pleasure escapes into the mountains, the sea or in exotic places , we must guard against another enemy of the skin: the temperature changes. The specialist warns: " You should pay attention to the frequent passage from cold areas to other hot areas : our thermoregulatory mechanisms determine , in fact, an abrupt vasodilatation of the capillaries of the face, which is manifested by the typical redness of the zygomatic area ."
It is not despair , though, because in this case the solution is quite simple: it is sufficient to rely on capillary- protective creams , indicated especially in patients with rosacea ."For the mountain lovers also recommend special care for hair , with the wind and the cold , they can become dull and lifeless . Remedies are simple and affordable for all and are represented by masks remedial and supplements that strengthen the hair " suggests Fabbrocini .
Attention to the foods , especially those high glycemic , ranging aggravate conditions such as acne. The dermatologist states that " foods rich in sugars and fats can cause an increase in insulin resistance , acting as a pro-inflammatory stimuli on the pilosebaceous complex . The advice? Resist the temptation to be more careful with your diet, and do not interrupt the antiacneiche prescribed therapies . "
And for those who still did not feel satisfied with the level of health of their skin after the Christmas excesses ? "In that case you can make use of biorevitalization to improve the thickness , hydration and firmness of the epidermis. It is a treatment based on nutrients and stimulating cell metabolism, such as polynucleotides , amino acids , trace elements and antioxidant vitamins , such as vitamins A, E, and C , which call for fibroblasts , ie, the cells that produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid , "says Dr. Fabbrocini .

Smart tips for easy weight loss!

The process of nutrition or diet and more in general the weight loss , it is not an easy process , a well known fact by men and women . Almost everyone, at least once in his life have tried to lose some excess pounds and ended in disappointment , to get out of this effort.
Things are always much easier if we know the " instructions" of something.
Any diet needs to be addressed in the same way that a person deals with a new car. Everything is going to be much easier, since we know the instuctions to use and you will understand what to do. In addition , everything done , give you more results , as was done in the right way !
Below , please find some useful tips and interesting , which will help us more, especially in view of the forthcoming summer season.
The smart tips to get away the pounds !

Water is the source of life
Put the water in your life and tried to expel from your daily routine the sugary drinks that could cause damage not only to the body, but for your health as well . The water , aside from the fact that helps to the right functioning of the organism , provides aid to its detoxification, with consequent loss of weight much easier and avoiding and fighting cellulite, at the same time .

Intelligent management of the refrigerator
Make sure that your refrigerator contains a lot of fruits and vegetables, which are the alpha and omega of nutrition to maintain health and youth. In fact, make sure that you are immediately visible when you open the refrigerator door and to avoid taking fatty foods during a period you're feeling really hungry.
Nutrition with post-it
Do not leave to chance your meal. Every night write the nutrition plan on a piece of paper post-it and stick it on your fridge . In case you have no plan of what you eat, you are more prone to temptation .

Diet without excess
In the worst diet factor is the exaggeration that will bring your patience is exhausted , producing results exactly opposite to those desired .
You do not need precise amounts of food , scales , measuring and controlling caloric intake. Things are very simple . An ideal meal includes a quantity of a palm of protein, two palms vegetables, fruit of a palm tree and a minimal amount of fat.
protein anywhere
An amount of protein should be included in every meal , breakfast , lunch , or dinner. Protein is the most filling food , and offers many nutrients. In this way, every meal is complete and will keep you satiated for hours.

Banish the temptations
Of course, this can only be achieved by people who live alone , rather than having homemade food "forbidden" , and to minimize the likelihood of succumbing to the temptation . Obviously , for a person who has a family , this is not so simple .

Do not eat the limits
By the time you reach your limits and you feel that you can not take any more food, it is already too late. Signals from stamach take some time to reach the brain . The result is that when you feel fuller has already consumed more food than you needed . This excess is stored in your body as fat .

Smart tips for easy weight loss!

Spices in full
Spicy foods have the ability to start the metabolic rate to very high levels and to raise the process of burning fat, even in cases in point the user is death.

Fill half of the plate
Do not fill the pot with food. Any person who loves food is hard to stop eating , especially if this is in front of it . Reduce the portions in half!

The diet can help my emotional state ?

Psychological bad leading to nutritional disorders
Surely , we all have noticed how certain foods ( especially foods with sugar, sweets and carbohydrates ) can make us feel better ! In fact, all the nutritional disorders and especially anorexia nervosa , are based on this fact . The person suffering from this disorder nutritional seeking emotional satisfaction and achievement through the consumption of food.
Again, these individuals are well aware that the satisfaction provided by these foods not only lasts for a few moments and the mood is just better instantly, until the drop in blood sugar
This is a very dangerous time ! People who suffer from nutritional disorder , are trying to overcome the emotional gap created with a constant consumption of food to ensure that feeling of fullness and so increase their body weight.Food and psychology
The problem of people who suffer from eating disorders, is therefore not a nutritional problem , but rather a psychological one. And ' the psychological and emotional instability that drives individuals towards the consumption of food.
But it's just depression , anxiety and emotional instability that lead to food or perhaps the poor quality food ( fast food , high nNumber of fried foods, bad fats , preservatives in food and thechemicals ) which could lead to a depression ?
It 's true , and has been shown through various studies, that the poor quality food consumed on a daily basis , eventually affects the emotional and psychological well-being , the creation of a bad mood , irritability, and depression symptoms .But there are foods that improve my mood ?

emotional weight loss

According to experts, there are foods that can affect the brain , actually , creating a feeling of health, happiness and prosperity for the whole organism. Food obtaining a similar result , they are called " good and healthy cooking ."
Good nutrition and also the so-called " Mediterranean diet " rich in fresh fruits, vegetables , fish and seafood and good fats , it is the ideal nourishment and is the " diet of happiness " !
People who follow the principles of the diet of Mediterranean cuisine , are much healthier and have a more balanced emotional and psychological state ( without abrupt transitions ) of those who follow a poor diet and do not adjust.Other foods that offer " happiness " .....

* Omega -3 fatty acids good
Replacing bad fats and fatty acids sweetsOmega -3 are good if you replace the bad fats and sweets consumed by a person to feel complete and deal with the emotional void that can fight depression and extension, and the occurrence of disorders eating behavior and weight gain . Fish, fish, nuts and avocados are just some of the foods that can provide us with a healthy body , and a balanced state of mind .

* The Cafe
The morning coffee , in particular, seems to help a good mood, giving you a peace of mind and optimism ? It 's true . In fact, the coffee could improve your mood . According to studies , people , and especially women , who drank two cups of coffee a day had significantly lower incidence of depression than those who do not drink coffee during the day .

* Tryptophan
Tryptophan is an essential amino acid needed by the body to create the hormone serotonin, known as the " happiness hormone " . But tryptophan is not created within the body, but is obtained from foods such as poultry (chicken, turkey , rooster, etc. ) , eggs , beef and nuts. By eating these foods the body creates serotonin, thereby improving your mood .

Coconut oil : The oil, with its myriad applications

ction of coconut oil
Although few people know about the applications of coconut oil , there is a smaller number of people who use it . It is a valuable ingredient , not only for health or personal hygiene and beauty , but also has many other applications.

First , we must remember that coconut oil has :

* · Antimicrobial Action
* · Action antifungal
* · Action inflammatory
* · Anti- viral
* Auxiliary · Action for better assimilation of nutrients by the body

An overview of coconut oil ...
We mostly know the coconut oil through cosmetics such as creams or body hair . It is a high quality oil obtained from the pulp of the coconut in a degree of maturity.
The positive is that with coconut oil , because it has a strong resistance to high temperature , it is suitable for cooking and could replace other oils or butters that are too fat and less beneficial to health.
The oxidation of coconut oil is slow and has a half- life of up to 2 years, while the coconut cream obtained by the wet milling process of the fruit, has a deadline.Quality of coconut oil
The coconut oil is a popular oil , especially in the field of cosmetology , but its use is not limited to this. Coconut oil is also extremely useful for its nutritional value , because of many plant fibers nutritional contained . Coconut oil is of high quality and high nutritional value, although for many years it has been accused (wrongly) as rich in saturated fat and very unhealthy for the body.
Over the years has shown that this position was completely unfounded and had no connection with reality.The use of coconut oil presents the side effects?

Coconut oil : The oil, with its myriad applications

No side effect is reported to be caused by the use of coconut oil .
A side effect that may be present at the beginning of its use, is a mild diarrhea , especially in the case you follow some nutritional and dietary plan , which is based on taking a small amount of fat. The receipt of coconut oil should be gradually increased , starting from a small quantity at the beginning and increasing during the course recently .The use of coconut oil
Coconut oil can be used in so many ways and for many purposes , many of which we could not even imagine . Only some are :

· * Hydration of the face and body.
* · Use as an eye cream that fights puffiness, wrinkles and bags .
* · Hair balm .
* · Aftershave cares for your skin.
* · Cleaning product for the eyes.
* · Lubricant (not compatible with latex).
* · Massage oils .
* · Butter protective lip .
* · The treatment for stretch marks.
* · Sunscreen (SPF protection index did 4).
* · Wound Healing .
* · Anti -itch from bites of mosquitoes and other insects.
* · To stimulate the metabolism.
* · A better digestion.
* · Relaxing activities that eliminates stress .
* · The weight loss , appetite control and weight loss .
* · The sugar control in people with diabetes .
* · Against the migraine.
* · When skin problems .
* · When hemorrhoids .
* · Against depression.
* · To assist in Crohn's disease .
* · Against Altsheimer .
* · Against cellulite.
* · Against Acne
There are also many other applications of coconut oil that it would be impossible to mention them all in one article. However it would be really worth for everyone to know this precious oil and incorporate into their Share

10 Killer Tips for Rapid Weight Loss

In order to make the most of your weight loss program , finding the most effective ways to burn fat will maximize your results and minimize your waistline ! Follow these 10 tips to burn if you want to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle fat.

1. ) Drink more water

One of the best weight loss secrets is to ditch the sodas and water! Experts say you should drink about eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated and healthy. Instead of turning to calorie laden drinks or sugar-rich , grab a refreshing glass of water. In addition to flushing out toxins from your system , drinking water encourages you to build muscle.

2 . ) Eat more meals

A plan of the traditional three meals a day just does not cut it and if you are in the market to burn fat . The body is unable to metabolize large meals and will quickly turn any excess into fat. Many experts believe that you should eat six small meals a day. Make sure you cut back on your food consumption at each meal, otherwise you will be doubling the intake - and doubling the storage capacity of fat!

3 . ) Working out with weights

A great way to maximize the amount of fat you are burning is to add a weight program to your work out routine . Weight training will not only tone your physique , but strengthen your body and improve your overall health. Weight lifting also burn calories and fat more quickly than traditional exercise and also increase your metabolism.

4. ) Choose protein

Choose protein -laden foods for boosting your metabolism and enabling your body to burn fat quickly. In addition to burning fat, consuming a protein -enriched diet will help you rebuild muscle after work outs and maintain leanness of that muscle . Choose wisely protein to your diet. Be very careful to take protein low in fat, so you do not consume extra calories.

5 . ) Cut calories wisely

It may be tempting to drastically cut your calorie intake when starting a healthy lifestyle. Instead, use a step method when cutting your calorie intake to minimize risk. Reducing calories too quickly results in your body rapidly burning all available calories , which will lower your metabolism. In addition, you are more likely to maintain your healthy lifestyle through this step method .

6 ). Reward yourself

When it comes to diet successfully to burn more fat , be sure to reward yourself . Everyone has temptations and favorite treats - so allow indulgence . You will be less likely to cheat on your new diet if you enjoy small prizes . If you are a chocolate lover , treat yourself to a small square of chocolate or single chocolate kiss each evening.

7. ) Avoid Marathon Work Outs

The biggest mistake that people make when trying to burn fat and lose weight is to have a job long, wide out session . Instead , break up your work out plan into small chunks throughout the day . Take a walk in the morning, enjoy a work out at lunch , and then exercise more in the evening. In addition to staying active all day, break your work out will better maintain your metabolism.

8. ) Zapping

By choosing to engage in a variety of quality exercises to keep your interest and best allow you to maintain your goal of burning fat. Instead of doing the same exercises every day - zap ! Opt to swim laps one day, jog another , and bike the next . Turning your business will not only allow you to experience a variety of athletics, it will also allow you to better tone your body .

9. ) Skip Happy Hour

For those individuals who want to burn fat quickly , avoid alcohol. Rich in sugars and carbohydrates , alcohol is a substance rich in calories. These empty calories can add up quickly and take away from necessary nutrients that should be included in your daily diet . In addition, alcohol acts as an inhibitor for burning fat , allowing your body to store it more quickly.

10. ) Try a low GI diet

A low GI diet is an excellent method of burning fat quickly. This diet encourages individuals to consume large amounts of foods with low rankings on the glycemic index . These foods are nutritious and allow your body to burn fat and calories at a faster pace. This diet includes many of your favorite fruits , vegetables , meats, dairy and grain products .